Welcome to Spearfishing NZ’s web site. If you have an interest in spearfishing you should find information here to support that. Our aim is to look after and reflect the interests of all spearfishers and spearfishing clubs throughout NZ. Where such clubs have a web site of their own we encourage you to follow the links we have to them. Often you will find some great local fishing stories and photos amongst their pages.

Spearfishing is one of the most conservative forms of fishing. It is highly selective and sustainable because it can take only those fish intended to be caught while certain reef species that are resident fish, slow to grow, often inedible and sometimes protected are not taken. The Species section on this site identifies fish in both categories. We are keen to receive identification photos to be considered for inclusion either as replacements for existing photos or as new species.

Spearfishing organisation in this country dates back to the 1950’s when New Zealand Underwater Association’s clubs started to run competitions. In subsequent years the numbers engaged in spearfishing whether to get fresh fish for the dinner table, competitions, or blue water hunting for large pelagic species, has steadily increased in number. Properly employed, the selective and sustainable nature of this fishing method underpins the enthusiasm spearfishers have for their sport.

We specially draw to your attention the following:


  • Spearfishers acknowledge the rights of all users of the ocean to share the resource.

  • Diver’s Flags prominently displayed are as much a safety measure for others as they are for the diver’s own safety.

  • Fishing around schools of fish at the same time as other recreational fishermen requires care and consideration as will be found in the Code of Practice that is included in the Rules Section.

  • Applications for NZ Record fish can be checked against existing records

  • Spearfishing contacts known to us in areas around NZ are included.

  • Spearfishing Events for both men and women along with Competition Results are available.

  • Current sponsors would like to hear from you if you have seen their site as a link from Spearfishing NZ

Our Committee

Darren Shields - President

Darren Shields is our current President.

Darrens father Dave was a NZ Champion in 1971 and Darren swam his first National Champs back in 1979. Since then he has gone on to be 6 Times NZ Spearfishing Champ and represented NZ at multiple InterPacific Champs and 4 World Champs and recently lead teams to take out the American Freshwater International Champs. He has a proven background in business development and currently heads a family business within the dive industry. He has 3 children in the sport 2 of which have achieved the top level so far.

Reid Quinlan - Secretary

Reid Quinlan joined the Committee in 2017. He comes from a rich family history from his Dad in the sport of spearfishing both in the water and business related. Reid has been competing  for over 30 years and has previously held the positions of president, newsletter editor, and fish recorder for the Bluefins Spearfishing Club in Auckland, and has been Competition Director at two previous National Spearfishing Championship events. Reid has been a top competitor and has previously done a lot of freedive training, underwater photography, writing for Dive NZ Magazine, kayak spearfishing, and has now been exclusively spearing with a pole spear for more than 12 years with many outstanding catches. Reid works as a Registered Valuer in Auckland City where he sends much of his time working as an expert witness and in litigation and negotiation or dispute resolution roles.  He has two keen juniors at home looking to rise up through the ranks.

John Anderson - Fish Records Keeper

John Anderson was re-elected to the committee in 2017, having also served the previous year. John has been spearfishing since his teenage years but has fond memories of tagging along with his father on butterfish and banded wrasse hunting expeditions as a very young child. John is well known for his ability in dive competitions to choose superior partners and successfully ride their coat tails to victory, most notably in his being crowned New Zealand Champion 2012. His uncanny skill in picking a winner has also led to success in the South Island Champs, Northern Area Champs, Taupo Catfish Cull and the U.S.A Freshwater Champs. John considers his finest spearfishing achievement to be spearing a tarakihi at The Outpost, his favourite dive spot. When not diving, John spends his time working in the construction industry in Auckland, muddling around in his garden (though you wouldn't know to look at it) and socialising with divers, who he considers to be simply a better class of person.

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