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Spearfishers Code of Practice

Spearfishing is the most environmentally friendly, selective and sustainable form of fishing.  Choosing your catch, using your physical and mental skills to capture it without harming the environment or other marine life.


Take only what you need


>   As spearfishers we respect our land and sea.


>   For our sake and the sake of the future, we will conduct our activities in a safe and sporting manner.


>   We will respect our marine environment and the life within it.



We recommend you:


  • Take only what you need

  • Know and respect NZ Fisheries catch and size limits

  • Know and respect the rules of safe boating

  • Resect our marine reserves

  • Consider the safely of yourself and others

  • Show respect and consideration of other marine users

  • Clean your catch away from areas used by other divers, swimmers and beach users

  • Conduct yourself in a way that encourages others to view your sport favourably

  • Tow a readily visible dive float (Red, Yellow Orange, 10 litres minimum)

  • Respect the danger of spearguns, ensuring yours is unloaded and the tip covered when out of the water

  • Understand the dangers of hyperventilation

  • Dive within your means and ability (a fish is not worth your life!)

  • Tell someone your intentions (Where, When, What, How)

  • Know the weather and tides

  • Use the dive flag

  • Educate young people and others in these codes


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