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Proposal to Limit Day 2 Competitors (8A AGM Agenda)


The 2019 AGM included the following discussion: 

"Geoff Crawford proposed change to comp structure- 27 new entrants this year with no qualifying,-suggested use B grade comp to qualify to avoid newbies being discouraged, and safety as experienced divers can handle more extreme weather etc, also we have an issue with limited (limiting?) numbers- for this Nationals we made a 50 pair cap. Committee weary of introducing more work/ days as event is large already. The idea was well received generally and discussion indicated we could split the Open comp to Day 1 A and B, with top B grade divers qualifying to also dive Day 2. Motion put that “Geoff Crawford and the committee to work on incorporating this into the rules for next year” This was proposed Chris Marshall and 2nd Scott MacKereth, vote carried unanimously"

Various options have been considered by the committee to achieve the stated goal.  We were not  prepared to invent ever more complex grading and scoring systems which become a headache for  organisers.  The most simple solution is to amend the rules as follows: 


"5.4 In the Open Spearfishing Championships, competitors shall compete as pairs. No diver shall be allowed to compete as an individual. All scoring and placing shall be on a two person team basis

5.5 The top 20 pairs from the first day of the competition will qualify to compete in the second day"

Support from the committee was mixed.   Some considered it a good solution, which would reduce competitors on Day 2 at least, allowing a  better range of areas for Day 2, and avoiding the crowded water problems, and meant new divers  could do just one day as a learning experience.    Others opposed it on the basis that it is a level playing field as we run it already, scoring is simple, it  has worked fine for decades, it is a National event and newbies should start on regional  competitions not the Nationals, and people travel a long way for this event and it would be a shame  if they can then only swim for one day.   The committee proposes deferring this motion for the following AGM when more people can discuss  it. We don’t want to make a major change like this at a poorly attended AGM where the full range of  members does not have the chance to discuss it. 

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