2020 AGM: Spearfishing New Zealand.

Thursday 9 July 7pm. North Shore Canoe Club Clubrooms

1 Northcote Rd, Takapuna

1. Welcome 

2. Apologies.

3. Record number of attendees. Confirm our rules allow voting by all members (those engaged in our activities and who have paid a SNZ comp levy since and including Nationals 2019) 

4. Confirmation of minutes of the previous AGM (summarise)

5. President’s report.

6. Treasurer's report.

7. Confirm/elect committee  -Reid Quinlan - Secretary -John Anderson - Fish recorder -David Scott - Treasurer -Dave Packman  -Dwane Herbert -Alex Edwards (no other nominations were received)

8. General business – issues raised to be discussed – suggest bump to next full AGM:

        a. Limit Day 2 to top 20 pairs

        b. Selection basis for teams c. Shorten Nationals to 3 days (Juniors/women, AGM, Open)

9. Confirming the date and venue of the next Nationals & AGM.

        a. Darren Shields offering to assist organising the eventat Omaha in April 2021

        b. Herb offered Whitianga in Oct 2020

10. Close of meeting


CVs of committee nominees


David Scott Position standing for: Treasurer and or on the Executive Committee
 "The sport of spearfishing has been incredibly good to me, and I would like to give a bit more back.  Been diving for 50 years in New Zealand and around world. Have held numerous positions in dive clubs in Wellington and Hawkes Bay. Organized spearfishing competitions locally, and nationally, over many years. Was a board member of New Zealand Underwater. Organisations as they get bigger need to have financial strength and disciplines in place. Having these two things ensures that it is easier to deliver the things that members want requiring financial resources. Previously treasurer of Spearfishing New Zealand. Have a business degree and are a Chartered Accountant."

John Anderson

"I have been snorkelling from the age of 5 or 6 and competitively spearfishing for nearly 20 years, with the occasional success. I have served on the committee of SNZ for 4 years and, separate to that, preformed the role of Records Keeper for SNZ for a bit over 3 years. Please consider keeping me on in a committee role as I quite enjoy it and believe I offer a reasonable amount of experience and some skills that are of benefit to the organisation.
Reid Quinlan Standing for Secretary. 

"My first spearfishing comp was about 36 years ago.  I have been on the committee 3 years in this position and I believe I’ve helped things run fairly smoothly.  I also helped run the Bluefins for a few years in the 2000’s and have run two Nationals events, assisted with a couple of others.  I am enthusiastic to continue advocating for the sport where possible in terms of government and environmental matters. I have developed the scoring, registration systems now in use, updated the society rules, safety plan, and competition rules, and ensured our records updated with Incorporated Society register etc.  We have some unfinished business constitutionally in terms of our relationship to NZU and our wider member base.  These are issues faced in all sports right now. I’d like to explore what we can do to assist and/or educate spearo’s at the grass roots level whilst maintaining support for our international competitors. I feel I can contribute by keeping the committee on track and functional and working with whoever is involved to get reasonable outcomes."


David Packman  Born 27 / 3 / 67

"Started diving early eighties, working in a Gisborne dive shop part time and being a junior member of the Gisborne underwater club. Completed the New Zealand under water basic scuba course ( before PADI was introduced to NZ)  Have been a director of my own companies since the early nineties. Have organised two friendly spearfishing competitions in Fiji (where we lease some land) Treasurer of New Zealand Stone Masons Association. Treasurer of South Island Spearfishing And Free diving club. Trip organiser for South island Spearfishing Club I am passionate in good management of our fish stocks, And feel as a senior spearo I could be doing more for our younger members and sport in general.  I feel having a Christchurch representative on the committee would bring more representation and unity amoungst Spearos throughout New Zealand. "
Dwane Herbert

"I'm a commercial Paua and Kina diver living in Bluff. I grew up in the coromandel and have been spearfishing all my life. Every year was revolved around where the nationals were held and making annual family holidays to accommodate these events.  I run a 17m live aboard boat out of bluff, fishing fiordland and Stewart isl this means negotiating shit weather and hectic crew... I'm have very little skills in bureaucracy or formal management. But I do have an open mind and very good at seeing all situations from both sides before making my opinion seen or heard.  Spearfishing in NZ has heavily influenced my life. And I want to give back to the sport I am very passionate about. I know have kids that revolve their years holiday around the nationals. This is not to say I'm only involving myself because of competing spearfishing, I feel representing all SNZ."
Alex Edwards

"I have been competitively spearfishing for six years including representing New Zealand for the past four years. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Applied Science double majoring in Aquaculture and Fisheries and Management. I believe I have the skills to effectively contribute to the committee in supporting the spearfishing community.  Skills: Public speaking, working with others, listening to others and thinking outside of the box.  Work history: Lifeguard (2018), Fish filleter (Fresh Fish Shack, AU, 2019), Commercial diving  Spearfishing Track Record: Represented New Zealand at the Inter-Pacific Spearfishing Competition x4 (New Zealand, Guam, Hawaii, Australia)  Current Australia and New Zealand Women’s Spearfishing Champion  Current New South Whales State Pairs Champion  Represented New Zealand at the World Fresh Water Spearfishing Competition  2x Catfish Cull Women’s Champion  1x Far North Pairs Champion  He kai kei aku ringa award for rangatahi entrepreneurs (Young maori business of the year)  Volunteer work: 2015-2018 Volunteer Snorkel Guide for Experiencing Marine Reserves." 

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