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Date: Saturday 3rd June 2017 ( Queens Birthday Weekend )

Briefing: Mercury Bay Gamefishing Club

Time: 7.30am

Entry Fee: Seniors $35 and Juniors $20sss

    ($15.00 of this goes towards Interpacific Comp. fund)

Pairs Competition – organise your own partner or we can pair you at the briefing.

In the event of inclement weather, divers will be notified of any changes on Wednesday 31 May. If this occurs,be prepared to dive on either Saturday 3rd or Monday 5th. If in doubt ring one of the numbers below.

Dinner and prizegiving – Mercury Bay Gamefishing Club, Allow approx. $30.00 for dinner Sunday night

Boat places will be available for those without one

So:  Note the date in your diary, Spread the word to fellow divers, No excuses . Be there!


For any further information contact Herb : 07 8664822 or Dave Mundell: 07 2605082


Seaquel Mercury Bay Open Fish List

Species Quantity

Blue Maomao 2

Blue Moki (40cms) 1

Butterfish (35 cms) 4

Giant Boarfish 2

John Dory  2

Kahawai 2

Kingfish (75 cms) 1

Koheru 2

Pink Maomao 2

Porae 2

Snapper (30 cms) 4

Tarakihi (25 cms) 2

Trevally (25 cms) 2 

Junior Bonus Species

Red Pigfish  (2)

Parore (2)

Blue Maomao (4)

All fish must be presented gutted and gilled
450 grams minimum weight
Maximum fish weight accorded points = 8kg
You are not permitted to weigh fish on official scales prior to catch presentation.
Each pair of diver must have one short line (max. 6 metres) and one long line attached to each shared float and to spearguns. One diver on the surface at all times while the other is down. No unclipping to shoot fish while below.
No flashers permitted.

Weigh in at Taylors Mistake carpark
Fish will be auctioned by Whitianga Lions Club


All divers are eligible for the spot prize from Seaquel Wetsuits

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