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Fun with Orca

I dropped in at Mount Maunganui on my way back from a b’day party, in order to swim out to Rabbit Is. It was very murky and filled with all kinds of Jellies but I kept on thinking that at least I could get some Butters or a Dory in the 1.5m vis.

I got to the island and after my 3rd dive a canoeist came up and said I might want to turn around. I thought maybe a school of kingies was trailing me making fun of me and this would explain why my float was getting knocked about behind me. As I turned I saw a pod of Killer Whales (more dramatic than saying Orcas) playing with my float. They then swam past me splashing the water.

There was about 4-5 of them with 2 being calves. They wouldn’t leave me alone ! I thought going shallower would solve it, but no. I wasn’t fearful just uneasy about this and didn’t want to shoot any fish. They looked friendly like dolphins and I wanted to try and touch them but thought I shouldn’t as they’re wild and could be a bit protective with young ones around.

I chickened out and scored a ride to shore on a neighbouring boat!

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