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The Far North champs hosted by the Port Valley Club where held out of Oakura this year. It was postponed from Easter weekend because of the weather. Even tho it's now towards the end of May there was a great turn out, we thank everyone who came for the day. It was cold and windy but the viz was good and there where plenty of good fish around. This year there was only a smallfish list only 6 different fish on it. 1 Kingfish, 1 John Dory, 2 Snapper, 2 Tarakihi, 2 Trevally and 2 Red Crays. The heaviest Snapper prize we to Jack Elliot with a 8.6kg fish. The heaviest Kingfish prize went to Geoff Crawford with a 25kg fish and heaviest Cray was caught by Luke Howe with a 1.81kg Red cray. Nat Davey and Moss Burmester won the title with 9 out of the 10 fish on the list. Brett Bamber and Porka Ryan Parsons came in a close second with 8 fish. Every one had a great day. We look ford to seeing every one again next year. Photos by Kent Remihana.

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